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I’m a self taught artist with a flare for the whimsical, my passion for nature and the outdoors is what inspires me and I love to incorporate plant and animal themes into my work. I’m a huge traveler and I love to work on the go wherever I might be.

I’ve been doing artwork for as long as I can remember and I have done everything from simple sketches to huge murals to colouring pages. I love to use a variety of mediums and I’m always looking for new techniques and new ways to express myself through art. Currently based in the Columbia River Gorge Oregon which in my opinion is one of the most beautiful places on this earth. 

Esty: @WilderRoseDesigns
Facebook: @Wild Rose Designs 
instagram : @wild.rose.designs

I’m James Mccallum, also known as Scribla, an artist from Sydney’s Inner West. I’ve always drawn, and I usually draw people, which includes animals. Because they’re people too, right?

I started out copying Disney characters as a kid, drew all kinds of things growing up, worked for Disney for a while as a trainee animator, and then took off on my own doing story boards for video clips. These days I like doing murals, especially for children, either in the home, schools, or anywhere they’ll make a difference.

I believe strongly in social equality, and engagement with people from across the divide, whatever that may be. So I try to make sure my art is seen by those who need to see it, who need to hear its message - not just those who are looking for it.

As such, when I’m busy, you might see my work up and down the main street. But please, don’t call the authorities ;) 

I’m open for commissions!  You can find Scribla’s work on Flickr, and get in touch via mccallum.james.j AT



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